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Terms of Use

It is our humble request to have read all terms & conditions thoroughly. Whenever you are accessing /surfing on our website, you are bound with our terms & conditions written in here. In case if you are not agreed with our terms, you are not required to access our website. We reserve right to change our t&c at any point of time. We may acknowledge you with the updation as & when introduced by our firm.

The Website Content

1. Changed content
We may change the content and the terms to use the content of this website from time to time. These changes are subjected to be imposed without any prior notice.

2. Don’t reuse our products or services as yours
You are not required to use the products & services offered by us on this website in case of legal issue or law.

3. Published Date
The information published is respectively associated with published dates. We just are not responsible for any update or amendment to any of that information.

4. Locational information
With respect to geographical locations, the content may differ. The offered products & services in this way may differ as per the geographical location.

5. Discard Products/Services
We may discontinue any of our products or services at any time.
We have right to discard anything we offer on our website at any point of time.

Links to other websites

  •   Our website may contain links to other websites.
  •   It might be useful links to our users. Therefore, we put those links to our website.
  •   We don’t have/possess any control over other than our website.
  •   We just don’t take any responsibility for the content of other websites.
  •   The use or the access to those websites is a total responsibility of users.
  •   We would suggest you to go through the privacy policy of those websites before accessing or surfing them.

 Limitation of liability

  •   As we all are human and error may occur with respect to time.
  •   We do not take any responsibility in case if information error occurs due to human error.
  •   We are not responsible for any non-accessible matter due to your computer related issues such as low speed or delay, difficulty in accessing, computer virus, internet browser and so on.

Updated July 29, 2014